Branding with Character

We are very proud of the work we have produced over the last three years. This reel shows a collection of clips that highlight special effects, sets and locations, puppeteering and the overall quality of our puppet video production.

Sublime Puppets

In 2012, co-founders of Sublime Media Group, Jon Doss and Austin Albany, joined forces with David Hosay and James Kemp, to offer puppet character branding and video production to local, regional and national clients. The new branch of Sublime Media Group was named Sublime Puppets.

Since its origination, Sublime Puppets has created custom characters for a wide variety of businesses and corporations. The creative team designs and builds characters based on client needs. Once completed, Sublime Puppets brings these characters to life using the most powerful medium in the world, video. The award-winning production team at Sublime Media Group is capable of producing video projects of all sizes.

Sublime Puppets was created by a group of close friends that love film and video, working together, thinking outside of the box, and the art of puppetry.

Our Emmy Award Winning creative team has had the privilege of working on a variety of amazing projects using puppets. We have assembled a group of passionate filmmakers and puppeteers to create our Sublime Puppets department. We work hard, push each other and most importantly have fun every day.

Let us create something together

Sublime Puppets has a wide variety of existing puppet characters. If we can’t find the perfect face for your business in our current cast, then we move on to plan B. Our creative team will design and build you a custom Sublime Puppet based around your marketing objectives.

The Team

  • Puppet Directors
  • Puppet Builders
  • Puppeteers
  • Puppet Assistants
Foam, Fleece Fur and Friends: A Sublime Puppet Exhibition will be on exhibit from Friday, August 4th through Friday, September 29th in the SKyPAC Main Gallery. The exhibition is free to the public.

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